Fight registration fraud and high risk transactions.

So what is the E-HAWK Risk Score?

Each time you vet some data we give it a risk score. Every vet starts at zero. When our risk engine discovers good things, such as a clean IP, the vet gets a few positive points. When bad things are identified such as a fake domain, negative points are scored. Most vets have some risk, but Risk Scores of -50 and below should be of concern and raise red flags.

As a guideline, our risk types are:

Type Risk Score
Lowest Risk 10+ or higher
Low Risk 0 to 9+
Some Risk -1 to -15
Medium Risk -16 to -30
High Risk -31 to -70
Very High Risk -71 to -100

The Vetting API has nine main areas of testing: IP, email, phone, location, domain, activity, Geo-location, device, and community.

Each area runs many sub-tests as well as cross analysis between linked data (for example the IP and the location). When the vetting analysis and test are complete, the API returns a Risk Score as well as scores for each area if desired. With this detail, your company can set threshold levels of risk tolerance for overall score as well as specific areas of interest.

January 2nd, 2014

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