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I am not a fan of Captchas. I have often lost out on great tickets from Ticketmaster.com, because by the time I figured out what the Captcha was, the tickets were gone. Captchas can keep out bots, but they can also negatively impact good customers. Is there a better way?

We think so. Our vetting solution also catches bots… and a lot more. The service runs over 200 tests looking for risky data and bad behavior. Unlike using a Captcha, vetting is totally transparent to the user. Prospects filling out your forms don’t have to type crazy words or try to figure out a complicated phrase. 

And vetting provides real-time intelligence that empowers your business to make decisions based upon risk levels of user sign-up data including IP, phone, email, address, domain, geo-location, device, and more. Our service helps identify spammers, phishers, bots, and high risk data during the sign-up process.

How Does E-HAWK Vetting Work?

  1. When a user clicks the submit button on your sign-up form, vet them using the Sign-up Form Connector or with direct API calls.
  2. Our vetting engine analyzes the data by running tests on IP, email, phone, location, domain, activity, geolocation, device and community for possible risks, and returns a Risk Score and Risk Type.
  3. Based on risk levels, Take Action including:
    •  Set account access limits
    •  Enable or disable features
    •  Tag in CRM, assign for follow-up
    •  Respond with customized content
Try vetting for free. Enhance your business intelligence on user registrations while improving customer experience by removing the Captcha.

January 13th, 2014

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