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Today we released v2.24 of the vetting service. We have now processed over 12 million vets, and with our new customers on board we expect to exceed 80 million in the next twelve months. Our community database has grown to over a million records with history on both bad actors as well as good actors.

Improved Proxy Detection

We have added over 1 million proxy servers to our internal database as well as incorporated some 3rd party proxy detection listings for both anonymous and transparent proxy detection. In addition, private IPs as well as IPs with no geo information will be marked as having some risk.

Fingerprint Scoring
Using our Talon JavaScript in your signup forms automatically assigns each device (desktop or mobile) a fingerprint. Every vet score for that fingerprint is logged, creating a device ID score. If the device is associated with risk, you will see a fingerprint score in the JSON. Our fingerprinting has been very successful at stopping bad actors using proxy, bots, and fake sign-ups from multiple IPs, emails, and domains. See example below.

Fingerprint search in portal *
On the Vet page in the portal, you can now search for a fingerprint and see all the vets associated with that device.

Additional Information in Portal Reporting *
We have expanded the risk issue descriptions for the area tabs in the portal. For example, under domain, you can now see the count of domains less than 5 days old, parked domains by hosting company, etc.

New “details” section in the JSON response *
We have added an optional details section to the response JSON. Currently this new section returns the city, country and timezone of the IP as well as the device fingerprint. Later we will add additional scoring details such as “Domain Does Not Exist”, “Proxy”, “Spam History”, etc. so you can better understand the risks and issues of each scoring area within the JSON response for each vet in real-time.

Updated Activity Portal Page *
Redesigned the activity reporting page that lists incidents tagged with multiple sign-ups. Added buttons for correct and false feedback as well as pagination for account with large number of incidents.

* must subscribe to annual full service plan

October 16th, 2014

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All Subscription customers now have access to the Web Fraud Dashboard and Portal for E-HAWK Services.

The reporting portal provides stats on vet scores, risk types, and trends. With interactive charts and data analysis, it is easy to identify and track high risk areas and bad actor data. In addition, the portal provides feedback loops and the ability to add incidents to the community database.

The Dashboard

The dashboard provides stats on risk types, data processed, average scores, and how data items are trending.


Risk reporting shows the percent of Very High Risk vets and the vets by risk type by day for the last 30 days.


Trend reporting displays the high risk hits by area over time, making it easy to see spikes of threats and risk hits.



The vet data area provides quick links for adding feedback and user data to the community database.



March 28th, 2014

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We have launched v2.9.1 of the Vetting API. New features include:

  • Full international support of international partners and customers (all AIP Calls now require UTF-8)
  • Improved domain checking with new tests on domain risk areas
  • Improved feedback loop for reporting scoring errors for each area

Please take a look at our support area for updated guides and documents.

December 11th, 2013

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The Vetting API was upgraded to v2.8 today. Included in this release:

  • Added testing on domain and email
  • Added several new pattern checking algorithms to catch bots and spammers
  • Doubled server capacity to better handle load

Please check the support area for new docs and updates.

November 5th, 2013

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Today we released the Vetting API version 2.5 that incorporates geo-analysis.

Geo testing is a key component to evaluating risk on sign-ups and new registrations.  In the simplest form, it is asking questions such as “Does the IP location make sense with the Phone location?” Geo scoring will now show in the JSON response as an area score.



September 29th, 2013

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The Feed-API makes it easy to add data on bad actors such as phone numbers, email, domains, IPs, and other information to our community database. You can add a

group of data (several items that together define a bad actor) with a single post using Incidents or add individual elements (such as a known bad IP) with direct calls. Our goal is to build Bad Actor Fingerprint Profiles.
Leveraging community information on known spam offenders, bots, phishers, and cyber criminals gives the community and our customers the best chance for rapid identification and stopping bad actors from being able to inflict damage on multiple organizations. Many of the leading ESPs, ISPs, and large corporations are working with us to help identify patterns and trends of these cyber criminals.

Our bad actor database is growing rapidly, learning, and helping keep these miscreants from doing damage. Help build this community. STOP BAD ACTORS. Email stop_bad_actors@e-hawk.net today.

July 31st, 2013

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The first version of the Vetting API is released to customers!

We are very excited to announce the release of V1 of the Vetting API. Our journey is just beginning.

May 1st, 2013

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