Fight registration fraud and high risk transactions.

We have always believed that leveraging community information on known spam offenders, bots, phishers, and cyber criminals gives our customers the best chance for rapid identification and stopping bad actors from being able to inflict damage on multiple organizations.  We built our service with enhanced data sharing with the goal of providing significant improvement of detection for all involved. And in a strong and successful community, it is important to give some and hopefully get more in return.

The data so far is very exciting and illustrates the power of shared intel on bad actors.

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The results so far:

  • 38% of hits come from data that was submitted by the same company, i.e. company A submits information on a bad IP and later that IP tried to sign-up again with company A.
  • 61% of hits come from other companies, i.e. Company A submits information on a bad IP and later that IP tried to sign-up again with company B, C, or D. This means that for every 1 data item a company adds to the pooled data, they get 2x in return from the others in the community.
  • 85% of hits are incremental, meaning that 85% of the registrations tagged as very high risk are from community data only. The IP is clean, not listed on any blacklists, the email has no other bad history, etc.

Overall these results are very promising and show the power of community. By sharing intel anonymously and securely, we are making it harder for bad actors to inflict damage on multiple organizations.

May 15th, 2014

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