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The new tagging feature empowers your company to score specific emails, emaildomains, domains, IPs, device fingerprints, and names as good, bad, or to skip scoring.

Items tagged as Bad will add negative scoring to the risk area. Good tags add positive scoring, and Do Not Score will set the item score to zero. Good and Bad scoring is additional to standard area scoring.

To illustrate how tagging works, if you vet IP =, the vet will hit “Private or no geo IP” risk and score -10 for IP area. Adding tags of:
– Bad will add -130 to the IP score area, and the IP will now score -140
– Good will add +130 to the IP scoring area, and the IP will now score +120
– Do Not Score will set the IP scoring to 0

This gives you extra control over specific item scoring for emails, emaildomains, domains, IPs, device fingerprints, and names. If you think emails from “xyz.com” are all bad, just tag that emaildomain as Bad, and all vets with that emaildomain will have -130 added into the email score.

Tag details are also returned in the JSON response, so you can track Vets that hit your tags.

Unlike community data that impacts all customer vets, tagged items only impact your account vetting scores and are not shared with anyone. Adding tags is done in the Vet details area. To the right of tag-able items, you will see a drop-down button with tagging options. Just select the tag to add.


The portal has a new tab for managing all your tags. Click on a value to view all Vets that hit that tag.


In the future E-HAWK will provide an API to add, update, and delete tags so you can automate the entire process.


July 30th, 2015

Posted In: Reporting Portal, Vetting-API

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