Fight registration fraud and high risk transactions.

Release 4.1 takes the reporting portal to a new level. 50+ new features: real-time data, enhanced drill-down charts, top risk tables, support for multiple accounts, and more.


Top Features:

  • Chart Drill Down – Click on any data point in the portal charts and quickly view all matching vets during the selected time period. Time charts also support zoom are are now real-time.
  • Top Lists – Quickly view the highest risk items such as IPs, email, and domains as well as the items sorted by highest activity. These lists are updated every six hours.
  • Quick Reports – Filter vets by risk score quickly from the Vets page. Just select the Risk Level and click on a Vet record for details.
  • Multiple Account and Rollup Views – View activity for multiple accounts, manage users, and quickly see rollup reports for all your E-HAWK accounts. Enter “-1” in menu for a rollup of all your accounts.
  • Direct Link to Your UserID Vet History – If you are sending a unique userID for the username keyword in your vets, you can now add a hyperlink to your internal systems to quickly view all vet details for that user over the last 30 days.

See Updated Portal Guide.

June 12th, 2015

Posted In: Releases and Updates, Reporting Portal

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