Fight registration fraud and high risk transactions.

Are you interested in the domain age? If it is parked? Suspended? Try adding timeout=no to your vets for additional domain and website analysis and testing. Some of the areas we test for include:

Website status: Under Construction, Default Template, Suspicious Content, Under Construction, Directory Listing Denied, Suspended, Index Listing, Access Denied, Response Code such as 404, 401, etc.

Domain status: Parked, Parked with Ads, Parked For Sale, Unverified, Invalid Host or Subdomain, Expired, Suspended, Invalid Host, etc.

Scores for all of these risk hits can be customized and any hits are also listed in the JSON response. For example: domain”:{“score_details”:[“Parked for Sale”]} tells you the domain is for sale.

January 10th, 2015

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