Fight registration fraud and high risk transactions.


The Feed-API makes it easy to add data on bad actors such as phone numbers, email, domains, IPs, and other information to our community database. You can add a

group of data (several items that together define a bad actor) with a single post using Incidents or add individual elements (such as a known bad IP) with direct calls. Our goal is to build Bad Actor Fingerprint Profiles.
Leveraging community information on known spam offenders, bots, phishers, and cyber criminals gives the community and our customers the best chance for rapid identification and stopping bad actors from being able to inflict damage on multiple organizations. Many of the leading ESPs, ISPs, and large corporations are working with us to help identify patterns and trends of these cyber criminals.

Our bad actor database is growing rapidly, learning, and helping keep these miscreants from doing damage. Help build this community. STOP BAD ACTORS. Email stop_bad_actors@e-hawk.net today.

July 31st, 2013

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